You help to promote the artistic inheritance of Dimitri Shostakovich, take part in activities, benefit from advantages offered to members of the Association:

  • You have access by appointment to the archives of the ‘Dimitri Shostakovitch’ Contemporary Music Information Centre,
  • You are invited to film projections of rare video extracts of Dimitri Shostakovich and great Russian musicians,
  • You are invited to special events organised by the Association (concerts , conferences …),
  • You benefit from preferential tickets prices for concerts including works of ‘Dimitri Shostakovich’, in venues linked to the the Association.

As a member of the International Association ‘Dimitri Shostakovich’, you become part of a truly international association, whose actives members are composers, performers, musicologists or simple admirers of the music of Shostakovich, including American, Australian, Belgian, British, Canadian, French, Israelian, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Russian fellow members.

To become a member of the International Association ‘Dimitri Shostakovich’, is to support its activities and by attracting modest financial backing, will allow it to encourage a policy of defence of the musical patrimony of 20th century Russia.

How to be a member?

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