Association events

Association events

Here is the list of the events planned by the association since 1997.

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DSIA internal events - Rue des Saints-Pères (Paris 6)

27 Mai 2019 (19:30) Association Internationale "Dimitri Chostakovitch" (Paris 6ème)

Oleksandra Didenko & David Jackson “Black and White”

“Black and White”

avec Oleksandra Didenko (mezzo-soprano)

et David Jackson (piano)

en partenariat avec le Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional et l’Université de Versailles.

Oeuvres de Modeste Moussorgsky, Richard Wagner et Dimitri Chostakovitch (création française).

Voir le programme complet

DSIA internal events - Rue des Saints-Pères (Paris 6)

25 Mai 2019 (11:00-20:00) Association Internationale "Dimitri Chostakovitch" (Paris 6ème)

Audition des classes de violon de Marc Danel

Audition des classes de violon de Marc Danel

Conservatoire Supérieur de Musique et de Danse  de Lyon (France)

Assistante : Laurence Ketels-Dufour / Pianiste : Roger Sala

& IMEP de Namur (Belgique)

Assistante : Céline Di Fabio / Pianiste : Philippe Ivanov

Violonistes :

Cristobal Diaz Diaz, Sophia Fournier, Shiqi Gu, Dora Koc, Emeline Mottard, Juliana Pançon, Eva-Marie Sassano, Anaëlle Seille, Charline Steffann, Yu-Ting Wang, Sophia Tankosic, Ida Zurfluh.

Concert 1, 11:00

Bach : Allemande, Courante, Sarabande & Gigue de la 2ème Partita – Yu-Ting Wang

Bach : Chaconne de la 2ème Partita – Sophia Fournier

Lalo : Symphonie Espagnole, 5ème mouvement – Anaëlle Seille

Bach : Sarabande & Double de la 1ère Partita – Shiqi Gu

Hersant : Chant du Sud (extraits) – Shiqi Gu

Mendelssohn : Concerto pour violon en mi mineur – Shiqi Gu

Concert 2, 13:00

Mendelssohn : Concerto pour violon en mi mineur, 1er mouvement – Dora Koc

Bach : Prélude de la 3ème partita – Emeline Mottard

Saint-Saëns : Havanaise – Emeline Mottard

Chostakovitch : Concerto n° 1 pour violon & orchestre n° 1 Op 77 – Eva-Marie Sassano

Concert 3, 15:00

Sarasate : Carmen Fantasy – Sophia Fournier

Waxman : Carmen Fantasy – Cristobal Diaz Diaz

Mendelsssohn : Concerto pour violon en mi mineur – Juliana Plançon

Concert 4,  16:30

Bach : Adagio de la 1ère sonate – Ida Zurfluh

Prokofiev : Concerto n° 1, 1er mouvement – Sophia Tankosic

Paganini : Caprice n° 9 – Yu-Ting Wang

Sibelius : Concerto, 1er mouvement – Charline Steffann

Concert 5, 18:00

Bach : Sicilienne de la 1ère sonate – Dora Koc

Mozart : Concerto n° 4, 1er mouvement – Dora Koc

Saint-Saëns : Rondo Caprioccioso – Dora Koc

Mendelsssohn : Concerto pour violon en mi mineur, 1er mouvement – Yu-Ting Wang

Bach : Grave et fugue de la 2ème partita – Juliana Plançon

Chostakovitch : Concerto pour Violon n° 1 op 77 – Cristobal Diaz Diaz

DSIA internal events - Rue des Saints-Pères (Paris 6)

13 Mai 2019 (18:30) Association Internationale "Dimitri Chostakovitch" (Paris 6ème)

Angelina Rud joue Galina Oustvolskaya

Galina Oustvolskaya (1919-2006)

Sonate pour Piano N° 3 (1952)

Sonate pour Piano N° 5 (1986)

Sonate pour Piano N° 6 (1988)


Angelina Rud began to study music in Rostov-on-Don. She studied at the Rostov Rachmaninov Conservatory, took part in various festivals, concerts and exhibitions. She graduated from St. Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory with honors, then performed on the stage of the Mariinsky Theater in the chamber music programs. Winner of international and Russian competitions and presidential scholarship. Nominee of the Russian National Theater Award “Golden Mask”. Currently living in Prague, she leads an active concert and pedagogical activity, specializes in problems and ways of music perception in hearing impaired children and autists. Fond of the performance of modern classical music, she writes as well electronic music for various productions and performances with different artists and acts as an actress of the contemporary underground theater TRUE of St. Petersburg. Passionate about the music of Ustvolskaya since the childhood. In June 2019, she plans to perform the Octet of Ustvolskaya together with the musicians of the Mariinsky Theater as a part of a big concert dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Galina Ivanovna.

DSIA internal events - Rue des Saints-Pères (Paris 6)

6 Mai 2019 (18:30) Association Internationale "Dimitri Chostakovitch" (Paris 6ème)

Igor Shamo (1925-1982) : Musique pour Piano (enregistrement intégral)

Soirée Dédicace à l’occasion du premier enregistrement de l’intégrale de la musique pour piano d’Igor Shamo, compositeur ukrainien (1925-1982) publié en CD par Brillant Classics.

avec la participation de Dimitri Tchesnokov et d’Orlando Bass (piano)

DSIA internal events - Rue des Saints-Pères (Paris 6)

16 Avril 2019 (18:30) Association Internationale "Dimitri Chostakovitch" (Paris 6ème)

Violetta Kachikyan, pianist

Karol Szymanowsky (1882-1937) :

Präludium und Fuge cis-Moll

Sergueï Tanejew (1856-1915) :

Präludium und Fugue gis-Moll Op 29

Dmitri Schostakowitsch (1906-1975) :

Präludium und Fugue d-Moll Op 87

Modest Mussorgsky (1839-1881) :

Bilder einer Ausstellung

Pianist Violetta Khachikyan is a versatile musician, who passionately performs as a recitalist, as a chamber music collaborator and as a soloist with orchestras. Since her triumph at the Bremen International Piano Competition in 2009, where in addition to the first prize she was awarded three special prizes – the audience prize, the special prize for the best interpretation of a romantic composition and a special prize for the best performance of a commissioned work – Violetta’s career launched with a tremendous speed and her performances were heard on major concert venues in Europe, in addition to Japan and Brazil. Praised as “a true artist” (Michel Moran) and complimented for her “beautiful tone and brilliant instrumental virtuosity” (Emanuel Krasovky), Violetta Khachikyan has performed with numerous symphony orchestras including the Saint-Petersburg State Symphony, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, Bremer Philharmoniker, Volgograd Symphony Orchestra, Tambov Philharmonic and Krasnodar Symphonic Orchestra, and collaborated with conductors such as Segerstam, Titov, Loughran, Ziva, Kütson and Krumpöck. During the past two years she offered recitals at important music festivals such as Beethovenfest in Bonn, Aarhus International Piano Festival and Brahms Festival in Lübeck. In addition to the Bremen prize, Violetta is also a top prize winner of major international piano competitions, such as the 2007 Helsinki International Maj Lind Piano Competition, 2007 Scottish International Competition in Glasgow, 2009 George Enescu International Piano Competition in Bucharest, 2013 International Paderewski Piano Competition, among many others. In 2007 Violetta received an award from the Lions Club in Germany to record her first solo CD. Two years later, following the Bremen Competition, her next album was released by Radio Bremen. The CD includes Piano Concerto No. 2 by Rachmaninov with Bremen Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor Mihkel Kütson, as well as several piano solo works: Carnaval Op.9 by Robert Schumann, a selection of Sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti and Euridique by W. Hiller. Violetta’s performances where also broadcasted by various radio stations, such as: Yle Fi (Finland), Radio 4 Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Radio Bremen (Germany), NDR Kultur (Hamburg, Germany), and Deutschlandradio Kultur. Born to Armenian family in Krasnodar in the southern part of Russia, Violetta started her piano lessons under the guidance of her mother, who taught her for the following five years. At the age of twelve, the young pianist made her first solo debut with works by Bach, Beethoven, Schumann and Tchaikovsky in her native city in the main concert hall. Two years later Violetta enrolled at the Krasnodar College of Music, where as a student she joined the department of piano performance, as well as music theory and history department, and studied with Nelly Mezhlumova. During her student years Violetta performed extensively, participated at numerous piano competitions, and was awarded the “Hope of Russia” Award, as one of the most promising young artists of her country. In 2000 Violetta moved to Saint-Petersburg and entered the Rimsky-Korsakov Saint-Petersburg State Conservatory where she studied with Tatiana Zagorovskaya, Natalia Arzumanova, Eleonora Nuridzhanyan and Georgy Erzhemsky. The years at the conservatory were passionately dedicated to the Russian composers – Skryabin, Rachmaninov, Medtner, Tchaikovsky and Mussorgsky, what motivated Violetta to give numerous thematic concerts, an interest that continues to the present days. Violetta’s range of interest encompasses broad spheres of musical art: she is fond of romantic composers, baroque music, twentieth-century and new music, as well as jazz and tango. Violetta had also studied with influential and renowned piano pedagogues at numerous international music academies and master classes, such as Willem Brons, Leon Fleisher, Vladimir Tropp, Karl-Heinz Kämmerling, Pavel Gililov, Dmitry Bashkirov and Paul Badura-Skoda. These inspiring encounters tremendously influenced Violetta’s artistic growth. In 2015 Violetta graduated from the Lübeck Music Academy (Musikhochschule Lübeck) where she earned her “Konzertexamen” (Artist Diploma) and where she studied with Professor Konstanze Eickhorst. She has also earned Master in Chamber Music Performance with the “Eschenburg-Trio” under the guidance of Professor Heime Müller. Currently Violetta Khachikyan teaches at the Music Academy in Lübeck and performs concerts in Germany and abroad.

DSIA internal events - Rue des Saints-Pères (Paris 6)

15 Avril 2019 (18:30) Association Internationale "Dimitri Chostakovitch" (Paris 6ème)

Metral Recorded

Soirée Dédicace à l’occasion des sorties discographiques :

“Trios” de Mendelssohn, par le Trio Metral (CD Aparte AP 198)

“Poèmes”, par Lilian Meurin (euphonium) et Victor Metral (CD Indesens INDE 121)


avec la participation du Trio Metral, et de Lilian Meurin

DSIA internal events - Rue des Saints-Pères (Paris 6)

1er Avril 2019 (18:30) Association Internationale "Dimitri Chostakovitch" (Paris 6ème)

Hommage à Vladimir Yankilevsky

Présentation du film d’Alexandre Shatalov sur le peintre anti-conformiste Vladimir Yankilevsky (1938-2018)

Olinka Mitroshina interprète George Gershwin

avec la participation de Rimma Solod, Sasha & Galia Ackerman

DSIA internal events - Rue des Saints-Pères (Paris 6)

19 Mars 2019 (18:30) Association Internationale "Dimitri Chostakovitch" (Paris 6ème)

Rencontre avec le compositeur Valéry Arzoumanov

Arzoumanov : Sonate n° 2 pour flûte et piano op 165

Arzoumanov : Prélude et Fugue du IIème livre en La mineur

Chostakovitch : Prélude et Fugue du Ier Livre en Do Majeur

Patrice Kirchhoff, flûte

Genevière Girard, piano

Anthony Girard, modération

Présentation des éditions UT dédiées aux oeuvres de Valéry Arzoumanov.



DSIA internal events - Rue des Saints-Pères (Paris 6)

14 Mars 2019 (18:30) Association Internationale "Dimitri Chostakovitch" (Paris 6ème)

Quatuor Cheng

Préparation au concours d’entrée à la Hochschule de Weimar (Allemagne)

en partenariat avec le Conservatoire de Fontenay-Aux-Roses

Voir le programme complet

DSIA internal events - Rue des Saints-Pères (Paris 6)

16 Février 2019 à 16:00 Association Internationale "Dimitri Chostakovitch" (Paris 6ème)

Concert-Rodage CNSMDP

Concert de préparation au concours d’entrée au Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris. Elèves du violoncelliste Matthieu Lejeune.

Oeuvres imposées de Schubert, St Saëns, Popper et Bach.

Née DRDAK, Maïa XIFARAS, Pauline BOUDON, Louisa DELOYE au violoncelle.

Emmanuelle LE CANN au piano.

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