DMITRI SHOSTAKOVICH Publishers (DSCH) was founded in 1993. It aims at making all of Shostakovich's works available to professional musicians and music lovers. The material published by DSCH is based on author's manuscripts from the composer's personal archive and other depositories. It is accompanied by detailed explanatory articles written by experts describing how the music were composed, their special features and their performance history, as well as by academic textological comments in Russian and English, and fragments of the facsimiles. The words for the vocal compositions are given in the Russian orignal, and are accompanied by a Latin transliteration. DSCH Publishers gives a special attention to publishing the composer's unknown, forgotten, or previously banned compositions, as well as to correcting the mistakes and inaccuracies found in previsous editions.

DSCH Publishers have put out the following deluxe editions in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the composer's birth : a photo album called "Dmitri Shostakovich : Pages of his Life in Photographs", and a Facsimile of the author's manuscrit of the score of the Thirteenth Symphony 'Baby Yar' opus 113. They have been awarded prizes in the main nominations of the Russia's most prestigious competitions.

The first publications of the scores of the opera 'Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District', the ballets 'The Limpid Stream' and 'Bolt' are among the most important novelties of the past two years.

Since 2006, a new series of publications entitled 'Dmitri Shostakovich's Archive' has been coming out, which features documents from the composer's creative heritage discovered by researchers (Unfinished Quartet, Unfinished Violin Sonata, 'Orango' Unfinished Satirical Opera ... )


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